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Operations Management Case Study Scribd


uality ts

#e )an noti)e t&at t&e 'rodu)tion )o%t 'er 'ound i% &i&e%t in Ja'an bran)&. =&i% may be be)au%eo eten%i>e &i& te)&noloy t&ey u%e and t&e lab% u%ed or te%tin. +a'a)ity utiliation or eneuela 'lant i% t&e &i&e%t (?1@!. =&i% &a% a %mall )a'a)ity and t&ey are 'rodu)in >ery lare;uantity o Relea%e3ea%e. Sin)e an e)onomy o %)ale i% not im'lemented &ere t&e 'rodu)tion )o%t i% al%o &i& )om'ared to ot&er 'lant%. Moreo>er old e;ui'ment may need to be u'dated to et )urrent te)&noloy and %a>e )o%t. or t&e 9ary 'lant t&e utiliation i% ood (75@! but a% t&ey are i>in many >arietie% and &a>e dierent 'a)kain %ie% t&eir )o%t &a>e one u'. =&eir main ad>antae i% t&e %ta &i)& i% loyal. -t rankurt t&ey &a>e )om'uter% and de'loy to kind% o  'ro)e%%e%. n +anada a %inle 'a)kain %tandard o 50 k i% olloed but t&ey i>e &i& im'ortan)e to ;uality.*2. #&y a% %ome 'lant% Abetter 'erorman)e t&an ot&er%CSome 'lant% are 'erormin better t&an ot&er% due to t&e olloin rea%on%1.

People employe$ for R%&:

 -% %&on in e&ibit%, 9ary 'lant &a% &i&e%t number o 'eo'le orkin or t&e de>elo'ment. =&i% ae)t% t&e ei)ien)y and inno>ation in 'lant%.2.

Reg'lations of the host co'ntries

: n Ja'an 'lant, t&ey &a>e to maintain &i& number o em'loyee% a% demanded by t&e la.8.

('m)er of pro$'ct lines

: 9ary 'lant &a% 20 'rodu)t line% a'art rom 'rodu)in Relea%e34a%eand rankurt &a% 18 'rodu)t%. =&i% may in)rea%e 'erorman)e o a 'lant a% %&arin o re%our)e% may be t&ere and t&u% e)onomie% o %)ale may be im'lemented..


 Some 'lant% like in +anada are ;uality )on%)iou% and &en)e t&eir inal 'rodu)t% ill al%o be o better ;uality due to t&i%.5.

S+ille$ ,a)or

: n Mei)o and +anada t&e

e$'cation le-el

 o em'loyee% i% lo &i)& may ae)t t&e 'rodu)ti>ity o em'loyee%. Some 'lant% u%e trainin al%o to in)rea%e


 and ei)ien)y o t&e %ta./.

ariety in pac+aging:

 9ary 'lant u%e $0 dierent 'a)kain %tyle% &ile ot&er% u%e a %tandard o 50 k 'a)kin. =&i% in)rea%ed >ariety in)rea%e )o%t but may attra)t )u%tomer%.=o 'lant%: 9ary and Ja'an are 'erormin better t&an ot&er% due to t&e abo>e li%ted a)tor%. Doe>er t&ey &a>e %ome ot&er ad>antae% al%o.39ary 'lant a% u%ed to manua)ture t&e 'rototy'e %am'le% or )u%tomer%. So, it need% to  'ut etra eort% in REF a)ilitie% and t&u% %'ent G0.?7H&undred 'ound% (%e)ond &i&e%t! o Relea%e34a%e. t al%o &a% &i&e%t number o 'eo'le orkin or de>elo'ment. 3Fue to la o Ja'an, Sun)&em em'loy% a lare number o 'eo'le. =&ey al%o u%e ad>an)ed te)&noloy it& dierent te%tin lab%.Ot&er a)tor t&at may &a>e )reated dieren)e in t&e 'erormin le>el may be t&e ae% i>en to t&e em'loyee%. =&i% may be a im'ortant a)tor a% t&e ae% 'ro>e to be a moti>ation a)tor or


WEEK ONE APPLE CASE STUDY &Whethe$ Apple is de!iding i/p$"4e/ents "n p$e4i"us g""ds and se$4i!es, "$ the a$e designing a ne p$"du!t 2"$ the /a$ket, Apple s"li!its ad4i!e 2$"/ 4a$i"us /e/3e$s "2 /anage/ent th$"ugh"ut the !"/pan. When Apple t$ies t" de4el"p and p$"du!e a ne 4e$si"n "2 thei$ *a! !"/pute$ de!isi"ns a$e /ade B"intl 3 the Seni"$ i!e P$esident "2 *a! a$da$e Enginee$ing, the i!e P$esident in !ha$ge "2 s"2ta$e enginee$ing, and the Seni"$ i!e P$esident "2 Ope$ati"ns R"land, -'1=;. 0t is !"lla3"$ati"n like this that has all"ed Apple t" p$"du!e s"/e "$iginal p$"du!ts that !aptu$e the /a$ket as s""n as the 3e!"/e a4aila3le.

Product Differentiation

A2te$ the !$eati"n "2 the Apple 0 and the 2i$st *a!int"sh, Apple has 3$an!hed "ut t" "the$ endea4"$s. With Ste4e 5"3s8 p$"du!t /at$i?, the e$e a3le t" !"$ne$ the /a$ket "n deskt"ps &and i*a!; and p"$ta3le !"/pute$s P"e$3""k and i#""k; in 3"th the p$"2essi"nal and !"nsu/e$ seg/ents. 0n -''1, Apple int$"du!ed iTunes, hi!h led t" the !$eati"n "2 iP"ds. P$"du!t inn"4ati"n did n"t st"p the$e. S""n !a/e the 2i$st iPh"ne, the iPad, and in -'1= Apple int$"du!ed a s/a$tat!h. Apple has !"/e a l"ng a 2$"/ the 2i$st d"(it("u$sel2 !"/pute$ that as 3uilt in a ga$age.

Product Differentiation Problem Solving

A!!"$ding t" the *#A Kn"ledge #ase:A !"/pan atte/pts t" /ake its st$ateg a sustained !"/petiti4e ad4antage. F"$ this t" "!!u$, a p$"du!t di22e$entiati"n st$ateg that is e!"n"/i!all 4alua3le /ust als" 3e $a$e, di22i!ult t" i/itate, and the !"/pan /ust ha4e the "$gani6ati"n t" e?pl"it this. 02 the$e a$e 2ee$ 2i$/s di22e$entiating than the nu/3e$ $eui$ed 2"$ pe$2e!t !"/petiti"n dna/i!s, the st$ateg is $a$e. 02 the$e is n" di$e!t, eas dupli!ati"n and the$e a$e n" eassu3stitutes, the st$ateg is di22i!ult t" i/itate. *#A Kn"ledge #ase, n.d.;