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Uniqlo Swot Analysis Essay

Uniqlo Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan Outline
Company Background & Executive Summary
Situation Analysis-“Where are we now?”
1. Macro Situation-PEST Analysis 1. Political Factors: 2. Economical Factors: 3. Social Factors: 4. Technological Factors:
2. Micro Situation-SWOT Analysis 1. Internal Assessment (Strengths) 2. Internal Assessment (Weaknesses) 3. External Assessment (Opportunities) 4. External Assessment (Threats)
Goal Setting-“Where do we want to go?”
1. Market Segmentation & Target Market
2. Find Points of Difference
3. Product Positioning
4. Marketing Goals & Objectives
Action Plan-“How can we get there?”
1. Product Strategies
2. Pricing Strategies
3. Promotion Strategies
4. Place Strategies…show more content…

In 2009, signed a design consulting contract for UNIQLO products with fashion designer Jil Sander in March. UNIQLO also furnished the uniforms for Japan's Olympic athletes in the 1998, 2002, and 2004 Olympic Games, as well as the uniforms for J.League's Thespa Kusatsu team.

The UNIQLO operation – trends in net sales and store numbers The area of product development, we have established a global R&D system linking Research and Development in New York and Tokyo. We seek to capture local trends early and incorporate them in our product development and design. In addition we opened stores outside of Japan starting in the UK in 2001. Since then, we have expanded our international store network into a number of countries including China, Hong Kong, South Korea, USA and France. We opened global flagship stores in New York’s SOHO shopping district in 2006 and on London’s Oxford Street in 2007. We continue to develop UNIQLO as a global brand.

Comparison with major global specialty clothing retailers UNIQLO accounts for roughly 90% of total sales at the FAST RETAILING holding company. FAST RETAILING is clearly in the top class if you compare its scale of sales with other specialty clothing retailers from around the world.
|Company Name (Flagship Brand) |Country |Fiscal Year End |Sales (¥ Billions) |
|GAP |USA |Jan. 2008

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