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Transduction Ap Biology Essay


Campbell's Biology, 9e

(Reece et al.)Chapter 11 Cell Communication

Students will encounter the topic of cell signaling repeatedly in this course and throughout their studiesof biology. Therefore, the more confident they are regarding the basic principles, the more successfulthey are liable to be when encountering the topic. This chapter includes more higher-skill-levelquestions and makes connections to the principle of evolution as well as to other chapters of the text.Multiple-Choice Questions1) Using the yeast signal transduction pathways, both types of mating cells release the mating factors.These factors bind to specific receptors on the correct cells,A) which induce changes in the cells that lead to cell fusion.B) which produce more of the


factor in a positive feedback.C) then one cell nucleus binds the mating factors and produces a new nucleus in the opposite cell.D) stimulating cell membrane disintegration, releasing the mating factors that lead to new yeast cells.E) which in turn releases a growth factor that stimulates mitosis in both cells.Answer: ATopic: Concept 11.1Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension2) What is most likely to happen to an animal's target cells that lack receptors for local regulators?A) They might compensate by receiving nutrients via a factor.B) They could develop normally in response to neurotransmitters instead.C) They could divide but never reach full size.D) They might not be able to multiply in response to growth factors from nearby cells.E) Hormones would not be able to interact with target cells.Answer: DTopic: Concept 11.1Skill: Application/Analysis3) Which of the following is a likely explanation of why natural selection favored the evolution of signals for sexual reproduction?A) Even in the simplest organisms, sexual reproduction required several coordinated responses by cells.B) Multicellular eukaryotes required signals that were responded to by multiple organ systems.C) Cells of several kinds of mating types needed to sort themselves to allow self-recognition.D) Rooted plants required chemical diffusible signals that could travel throughout the organism.E) Hormones required a mechanism for introducing changes in their target tissues.Answer: ATopic: Concept 11.1Skill: Synthesis/Evaluation

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