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Monolingual Definition Example Essay

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English Language in Both Monolingual and Multilingual Classes.

689 WordsNov 6th, 20123 Pages

Today English seems to act as lingua franca in some areas of the world. Studying for English has become a priority for students seeking to secure a good future in this rapidly changing world. There are mainly two kinds of classes for studying language which are the monolingual and multilingual classes. Both classes give students different studying environment. This essay will discuss the benefit and drawbacks of each class.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages when students participate in monolingual class. Monolingual class can be defined as a kind of class being able to speak only a single language and most students come from the same place. On the one hand learners will gain benefits if monolingual class can be attended.…show more content…

However, there are many benefits and drawbacks of attending multilingual classes. Multilingual class is the act of multiple languages is used by students who study in class and this kind of class can usually be found in speaking English countries. At beginning, multilingual class has many benefits. Firstly, students who can get better communication than in the monolingual class, because students come from different country. They can easily find out the theme to talk from their different culture or other interesting things. Then it can in prove student’s learning motivation when they participate in multilingual class. As a matter of fact students will be forced to speak English in class or out of class, because their classmates do not speak same language and usually multilingual class establish in speaking English country. Finally students will have a good opportunity to know many kinds of accents in the multilingual class that it is very helpful for communicating different people. The classmates seem to come from all over the world and they can use different accents to speak English. Nevertheless multilingual class also has a variety of disadvantages. First of all, according to Albu (2004), multilingual class may cause some problems. Learners use

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