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Free Essays On The Family

My Family Essay examples

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I was born into a “happy” family that was actually a web of lies, which unfolded itself through a divorce. My parents’ marriage was based on the fact that my father needed a permanent residency card to stay in the United States. Some people may view this as a devastating event; however I have chosen to embrace being an American and a Ghanaian. Coming from two different backgrounds was a challenge, because of the different values and morals each share. These challenges have left me to understand my true purpose concerning my two cultures. I feel fortunate enough to grow up with two different aspects on life itself. Throughout life I was considered to be the “one” on both sides of my families. I was the one who was supposed to accomplish…show more content…

Such as attending a public college or becoming President of the United States. Education has therefore played an important role in my life and has been highly valued in my family.
While the expectations of my American and Ghanaian family members were so high, their affirmation was not always there. As a child of divorced parents, my mother raised and supported me. My father was always there mentally, emotionally, and physically, but I was financially fully dependent on my mother. Although she had an education, we still struggled. Sometimes we didn’t know where our next meal was coming from and had to rely on others. We moved several times while I was growing up and at times, I would be left at a relative’s house because of my mother’s need to get us financially stable. Things improved, I remained committed to working hard in school, and the expectations never changed. Education has brought me, given me, and gifted me with empowerment, leadership, confidence; greater understanding of social issues and tools to work towards social justice. As many educators say, education is the key to success. I believe that not only is it the key to success, but it’s also the key to happiness. College will help me meet my high education and career expectations that I have for myself which is to ultimately get my Professional degree, and make a global difference. It will also help to meet my families as well. College will help me

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Essay about Family Today

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Family Today What is a family today? What challenges does being a member of a family present while traditional family structures change? Every family has to struggle to balance the demands of work and children. Also the relationship between each spouse can become more delicate and complicated. Besides, the single parent has to face even more challenges than any other.

Today, in a vast majority of families, both the wife and husband have a job. Many working parents are under stress as they have to try to balance the demands of their work, children and…show more content…

The traditional family unit changed rapidly during the second half of the 20th century due to the effects of two world wars, rapid industrialization, the development of technology, and the effects of the women's liberation movement. As a result the family became small (less children) and the majority of women now can obtain equal opportunities in both education and work.

The role of a family is to struggle to survive, to protect and support children until children become mature and independent adults capable of providing for themselves, and to provide a good standard of living. Moreover, if men and women can not co-operate well to deal with,the decision-making is difficult or does not satisfy both, and then wife and husband may easily have arguments and disagreements. For some of them, these may become a serious communication problem.

Since both men and women have to look after the family, sometimes they will have to put their personal, emotional and physical needs aside. As already mentioned, when men and women feel stressed, then arguments and complaints may hurt the relationship. As a result, the relationship between wife and husband becomes more delicate and complicated than in the former traditional family where the wife remained at home to undertake all the tasks of raising children, cooking and cleaning.

The vast majority of single-parent families are

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