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How to write a kickass essay with ½ the stress
A kickass ppt by wittacism


Find out what your teacher wants

  • get the assignment prompt and break it down into its individual parts
  • this becomes your skeleton for your essay
  • spooky


Don’t start with the introduction paragraph

  • seriously this is a great way of stumping yourself ten minutes into the writing process
  • you’re trying to write an intro for a paper that doesn’t exist yet???
  • start with the first body paragraph


Your awesome body paragraphs

  • the cool thing about the essay is that you pretty much get to tell people what to think
  • don’t hold back
  • your name is already on the top of the page
  • so whatever you say
  • try to really mean it


Conclusion paragraph

  • the conclusion is like the end of a 30 second commercial where they hold the product up at the end just in case you forgot you were watching a Hot Pockets commercial
  • hold up all your arguments for the audience one more time
  • just in case they forgot what they just read


Introduction paragraph

  • now that you have some kickass body paragraphs and a conclusion, rewrite your conclusion in introduce your topic
  • notice how its 300x easier to introduce something AFTER you’ve written it
  • slap a badass thesis statement on the end of your intro


Badass thesis statements

  • remember that skeleton we made in slide 2?
  • get it back out
  • make a single sentence that talks about all those points
  • it’s totally cool to write a sentence that says, “In this essay, I argue that…”
  • then just list those things
  • done



  • quotes are a great way to make yourself look credible and to add length to your paper
  • lets be honest, no one actually wants to write 2,000 words
  • you need to talk before and after a quote
  • tell people who you’re quoting
  • tell people why they should care



  • fun fact: Microsoft Word’s citation maker is literally the scum of the earth
  • never ever use it
  • use instead
  • or make your own
  • (it takes about the same amount of time with a lil’ practice)



  • go get yourself a milkshake
  • because you have a rough draft, my friend
  • be proud of yourself

(Note: all text copied word-for-word, with errors intact.)



It’s essay writing season for tons of students!

After being a college writing tutor for over a year, I thought I would share my advice with all you awesome people on tumblr. This is how I write essays, but if you’ve got more tips, feel free to add them below. 

Happy writing. You can do it!

This is actually brilliant.

(via creativehubble)

When writer’s block kicks in and you’re stumped with a blank screen on your laptop, try checking out these Tumblr blogs for some inspiration or useful advice. Why Tumblr? It’s a great way to compile all your favorite links into your own writer’s toolbox.

Writing Prompts 

By far, one of the most thought-provoking collections of writing prompts on all of Tumblr, this blog will make sure that you never run out of inspiring ideas to get those creative juices flowing. Their prompts usually stem from inspiration rooted in recent events or real life tweets/comments; but they range from composing a whale song to contemplating the ethical value of certain laws; in a playful way of course. As all writers know, writing is a sport and Writing Prompts is a great place to start your writing marathon challenge.

Yeah Write 

Aside from writing prompt, they also branch out in other types of content, like advice, writing resources, quotes and workshop Q&As. Sometimes, they add in book reviews, which is definitely great for writers as all great writing blossoms from great reading. Not only that, they also have writing challenges open to the public where anyone can submit and share their stories with the Yeah Write community. Their blog is also neatly arranged by quick-links on their sidebar for easy navigation.

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The Electric Typewriter 

Dan, curator of The Electric Typewriter, has scavenged a vast majority of the world wide web and neatly catalogued articles and essays by the world’s best journalists and writers. Although not directly linked to writing tips or prompts, have a read of one of these posts and let it open your mind, which may just as well lend a spark to jog the rusty hinges in your writer’s brain.

Writing Tips 

No need for any fancy backgrounds to justify the value of their tips and advice, this blog sticks with the conventional tumblr text post and occasional photo attachment post. Recently, they have done more reblogging than original posts, which is just as well since that means that they have filtered through the sea of writing advice on tumblr and compiled all of them onto a single page. Sometimes, their posts (or reblogs) focus on certain aspects of writing, like world creation or character development, which is great for writers who are working on an ongoing story rather than a daily writing journal. 

Ten Word Poems 

Unlike writing prompts, poetry, especially short 10-word poetry, is a great way to spark some ideas because the poem itself contains a deep story that allows you to expound and flourish the underlying story it contains. Sometimes, they do poetic proses in response to a 10-word (or 6-word) quote. (sab/kes)