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Pakistan In 2030 Essay Scholarships

Pakistan in the 21st Century

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Pakistan in the 21st Century: Vision 2030

Executive Summary
1. Introduction
A Vision is like a dream but which is experienced with both eyes open and
With one’s feet on the ground. The Medium Term Development Framework
(MTDF) 2005-10 launched by the Government in July 2005 presented the
Vision of a “developed, industrialized, just and prosperous Pakistan through
Rapid and sustainable development, in a resource constrained economy by
Deploying knowledge inputs”. Vision 2030 extends that dream further and
Higher in terms of space and time.
The draft document of Vision 2030 has been prepared, after a consultative
Process spread over two years. It presents a strategic framework for
Overcoming obstacles and challenges standing in the way of…show more content…

To make employment and employability, a central theme in economic and social policies, with special emphasis on the rights of women. vi. To eliminate absolute poverty and ensure social protection for the weak and the vulnerable. vii. To generate and absorb knowledge and harness technology for the good of all while promoting social sciences and humanities as an essential branch of knowledge. viii. To sustain an average growth of 7-8 percent in the long term through effective investment and saving strategies while maintaining macro-economic stability; ix. To exploit the advantages of globalization through enhanced competitiveness in a global economy relating to commerce, manufacturing, and services, with increased diversity and quality of content;
x. To facilitate the emergence of “Brand Pakistan”, which will result in several large conglomerates becoming global players, and many more regional hubs and centres established in
Planning Commission: Vision 2030 Draft x xi. To re-design the structures of state and instruments of government in terms of participation, delivery of services, and good governance; xii. To maximize the dividends from demographic transition in the coming years, while avoiding the pitfalls; xiii. To

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