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Cover Letter Management Consultant Position

Dear Hiring Manager,

In May 2016 I will graduate from the Yale University School of Public Health with a Master of Public Health degree and a concentration in Health Policy. I am applying for an Associate position at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), with a preference for the New York office. My training in analytics, leadership skills, and experiences in collaborating with senior leaders in a consulting role at HealthPro Consulting provide me with a foundation for blending well into BCG’s case teams. I first learned of The Boston Consulting Group when I heard Boston office director Meg Brandt’s inspirational talk at the Harvard Healthcare Conference in January 2013. 

This past summer I worked in the Health and Productivity practice at HealthPro Consulting where I gained essential analytic, strategy, and process-thinking skills. One highlight of my experience was to review over one hundred medical records for employees under medical management at a large hospital based client, and derive potential trends that the client could use in their program design strategy. I produced analytics to support my initial findings that there were significant gaps in management for multiple costly and preventable disease states. I presented my results to our company chairman and worked directly with him to develop program design strategies that our client will implement.  Since it is a relatively new practice, I also championed an internal project that documented and streamlined all processes involved in a new client engagement. This project required me to work closely with key actors at each stage of the project lifecycle, allowing me to document and analyze their processes. This document is now used in new employee training and as a practice reference guide for all new engagements.

My interdisciplinary academic background has provided me with a broad set of skills that are extremely applicable to consulting. Through graduate coursework in health economics and management including Cost Effectiveness &Decision Making, Global Health Economics and Negotiations, I havegained insightful perspectives on solving difficult health care questions.

The Boston Consulting Group has stood out to me because of its strong sense of a team culture and wonderful opportunities it provides for personal growth and development.  I believe that my education and experience will enable me to make significant contributions not only to BCG , but more importantly, to the clients you serve. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.


Clifford P. Angel

Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Accenture Management Consulting


Management Consultant

I’m writing in order to express my keen intent and enthusiasm in applying for a Corporate Strategy Analyst role at Accenture Management Consulting.

The experience at Deloitte has been extremely rewarding, affording me the opportunity to work closely with Clients from around the world (Singapore, Slovakia and USA) to advise them on complex business technology issues. After having done business with them successfully all throughout, it has helped me to be a candid, focused, interesting and interested professional. It has inculcated within me an attitude for thriving in high-pressure situations, to openly embrace new challenges and to quickly adapt to different cultural and business contexts.

My postgraduate stint with a specialization in Finance & Strategy has helped me to build on my prior experience in Financial Services domain while at the same time broadening my management skillset. At the same time it gave me the opportunity to think beyond the boundaries, test my analytical abilities & financial acumen to come up with innovative solutions to some of the most perplexing business problems.

When seen in context of my academic accomplishments and professional working style, I’m confident that a highly collaborative, collegial yet intellectually stimulating work place at Accenture Management Consulting would provide me an ideal environment to pursue a successful career in Management Consulting.

I have attached my CV for the Recruiting team’s perusal and thus sincerely hope for an interview opportunity in near future. Please contact me if you require any further information from my side

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