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Topic Box Christmas Maths Homework

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Advent Calendar 2012 - Primary

Stage: 1 and 2

The 2012 primary advent calendar features twenty-four of our posters, one for each day in the run-up to Christmas.

Christmas Cut-out

Stage: 3 Short Challenge Level:

Weekly Problem 52 - 2017
Sue cuts some squares from a piece of paper to make a Christmas decoration. What is the perimeter of the resulting shape?

Christmas Chocolates

Stage: 3 Challenge Level:

How could Penny, Tom and Matthew work out how many chocolates there are in different sized boxes?

Christmas Boxes

Stage: 3 Challenge Level:

Find all the ways to cut out a 'net' of six squares that can be folded into a cube.

Christmas Trees

Stage: 3 Challenge Level:

Christmas trees are planted in a rectangular array of 10 rows and 12 columns. The farmer chooses the shortest tree in each of the columns... the tallest tree from each of the rows ... Which is. . . .

Christmas Shopping

Stage: 2 Challenge Level:

Vera is shopping at a market with these coins in her purse. Which things could she give exactly the right amount for?

Primary Advent Calendar 2013

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level:

All the activities in the 2013 advent calendar are based on the theme of planet earth.

Advent Calendar 2008

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level:

Our 2008 Advent Calendar has a 'Making Maths' activity for every day in the run-up to Christmas.

Primary Advent Calendar 2010

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level:

Advent Calendar 2010 - a mathematical game for every day during the run-up to Christmas.

Advent Calendar 2010

Stage: 1, 2, 3 and 4 Challenge Level:

Advent Calendar 2010 - a mathematical game for every day during the run-up to Christmas.

Advent Calendar 2007

Stage: 3 and 4 Challenge Level:

NRICH December 2007 advent calendar - a new Sudoku for each day in the run-up to Christmas.

Advent Calendar 2015 - Primary

Stage: 1 and 2

This advent calendar contains twenty-four tasks for the run-up to Christmas, each one encouraging mathematical creativity.

Advent Calendar 2006

Stage: 2 Challenge Level:

NRICH December 2006 advent calendar - a new tangram for each day in the run-up to Christmas.

Mathematical Modelling

Stage: 3 and 4 Challenge Level:

Problems about mathematical modelling for use with Stage 3 and 4 students.

Advent Calendar 2009

Stage: 2, 3 and 4 Challenge Level:

A collection of our favourite pictorial problems, one for each day of Advent.

Advent Calendar 2016 - Primary

Stage: 1 and 2

Twenty-four tasks for the run-up to Christmas, each one encouraging you to develop mathematical 'habits of mind'.

Magic Squares for Special Occasions

Stage: 3 and 4

This article explains how to make your own magic square to mark a special occasion with the special date of your choice on the top line.

More Christmas Boxes

Stage: 2 Challenge Level:

What size square should you cut out of each corner of a 10 x 10 grid to make the box that would hold the greatest number of cubes?


Stage: 3 Challenge Level:

From a group of any 4 students in a class of 30, each has exchanged Christmas cards with the other three. Show that some students have exchanged cards with all the other students in the class. How. . . .

Clever Santa

Stage: 2 Challenge Level:

All the girls would like a puzzle each for Christmas and all the boys would like a book each. Solve the riddle to find out how many puzzles and books Santa left.

Elf Suits

Stage: 2 Challenge Level:

If these elves wear a different outfit every day for as many days as possible, how many days can their fun last?

Investigating Twilgo

Stage: 4 and 5 Challenge Level:

What can you create using 140 characters and our cool Twilgo environment?

Family Tree

Stage: 2 Challenge Level:

Use the clues to find out who's who in the family, to fill in the family tree and to find out which of the family members are mathematicians and which are not.

Rolling Triangle

Stage: 3 Challenge Level:

The triangle ABC is equilateral. The arc AB has centre C, the arc BC has centre A and the arc CA has centre B. Explain how and why this shape can roll along between two parallel tracks.

Christmas Presents

Stage: 2 Challenge Level:

We need to wrap up this cube-shaped present, remembering that we can have no overlaps. What shapes can you find to use?

Sums of Powers - A Festive Story

Stage: 3 and 4

A story for students about adding powers of integers - with a festive twist.

Making Maths: Kites and Darts

Stage: 2 Challenge Level:

Using these kite and dart templates, you could try to recreate part of Penrose's famous tessellation or design one yourself.

On What Day Did it Happen?

Stage: 1, 2 and 3

Read this article to find out the mathematical method for working out what day of the week each particular date fell on back as far as 1700.

Sam Again

Stage: 3 Challenge Level:

Here is a collection of puzzles about Sam's shop sent in by club members. Perhaps you can make up more puzzles, find formulas or find general methods.

Who Is an Engineer? A Quick Perspective After One Year of a University Engineering Course

Stage: 5

Doug has just finished the first year of his undergraduate engineering course at Cambridge University. Here he gives his perspectives on engineering.

Developing Pattern Awareness with Young Children

Stage: Early years

This articles explores the importance of pattern awareness with young children.

Purposeful Paper Folding

Stage: 1 and 2

In this article for primary teachers, Fran describes her passion for paper folding as a springboard for mathematics.

Recommended Books

Here is a list of books recommended for young people who are interested in mathematics.

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