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Lower Secondary English Essays Form

To: The Principal

A Fight in the School Canteen

On 14 June 2011, I was in the canteen during recess between 10 and 10.20 in the morning. The canteen was noisy and packed. Many students were frantically pushing and shoving to get their food. As usual, there were prefects around to control the students and make sure they were orderly and moved quickly.

I was standing in queue waiting to buy a plate of fried rice. Just as I was about to get my plate of rice, I heard an angry yell behind me. One of the boys in the queue accused another of cutting the queue. They began to shout angrily at each other. The boy insisted he had not cut the queue. Before we could do anything, the two boys began to fight. They rained punches on each other and were soon rolling on the floor.

Many students gathered round, yelling at them to stop fighting. Some prefects dashed over to stop the fight. Another hurried off to fetch the discipline teacher, Mr Sau. Fortunately, two strong prefects were able to grab one boy each and pull them apart. The prefects kept a hold on them to make sure they did not begin fighting again. By the time the discipline teacher arrived, the boys were sitting apart glaring angrily at each other. One of the boys began to scold the other but he was told to keep quiet by the prefect.

Both boys looked very angry. Their uniforms were in a mess and they had sustained some scratches on their arms. Both of them were bruised on their faces. One had a sore eye and was bleeding from his nose. The other boy had a swollen lower lip which was bleeding. Some students from the Red Crescent Society administered first aid to the boys' injuries.

Mr Sau noted the boys' names and the classes they came from. Ong Chee Meng was from Form 4 Lili 3 and the other, Lee Boon Keong, who cut the queue, was from Form 5 Mawar 1. Mr Sau instructed two prefects to accompany the boys back to his room as he wanted to talk to them. Before he left the canteen he asked us if we had seen what caused the fight. We told him what had happened and he instructed the prefects to monitor each queue carefully. Five minutes later, the bell rang for us to return to our classes.

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We had a school concert last year. All the classes took part in it. My class put up a play called 'The Magic Flute'. I can still remember how excited we were when we tried on our colourful costumes. We spent a lot of time on rehearsals.

The audience must have enjoyed our play tremendously, judging from the loud applause as the curtains dropped. The Malay dance performed by the Form Two girls was very beautiful. The dancers wore Malay costume and had roses in their hair. They looked graceful and charming in their green 'sarongs' and white 'kebayas' as they danced to the accompaniment of Malay music.

Besides these items, the School Choir sang Malay and English songs. Form One girls, too, contributed an item. It was a ribbon dance, using long, colourful ribbons.

All of us enjoyed the concert very much. Our teachers were surprised that there were so many talented girls in our school. We hope to stage another show at the end of the third term before school closes.